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Farewell to past President of the Comitium

posted 20 Apr 2022, 17:50 by Ave Maria
Yesterday 20th April 2022 the Perth Legion of Mary said Farewell to our Friend, Past President and a great Legion of Mary Member.  Sr. Judy Woodward.

Judith Claire Woodward was the loving wife of Paul, loving mother of Michelle, Robert and Jenny and a loved grandmother and great grandmother.


Judy was a very much loved member of the Legion of Mary, joining 30+ years ago.  As a member she served Our Lady at Praesidium and Curia level taking on the role of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  She was President, Vice President, and Treasurer of Comitium, roles she filled with great expertise and commitment and along with her husband Paul undertook many of the minor jobs that needed to be done at the Venerable Edel Quinn Centre.

In 2000 Judy and Paul discussed how they could thank Our Lady for Judy’s 10th year free of Cancer and so began the Annual Rosary Procession in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes around Lake Monger.  A procession that was to be for just the Jubilee Year but continues to this day.  Paul and Judy would for many years organise the Statue and Trolley, flowers and council requirements for this event, no easy task and then along with their family make sure the procession was a success and safe.  Judy was in time to organise a trolley to be built just for the Legion so that we had no need to source from a parish.


Judy was also very committed to the 48hr Rosary Bouquet for Our Lady’s Nativity and spent many hours working at the numbers and ensuring that all parishes received their bundles and then entering the hours on the scroll.

Nothing was beyond Judy, Exploratio Dominicalis, PPCs, Summer Schools in Melbourne and work in the office and she was there.  It was only her loss of hearing that saw Judy drop back in her on hands work but she gently maintained a presence.


Following major refurbishments of the centre and many years of discussion Judy said that she would like to donate towards a Grotto to be placed at the front.  On February 19th, 2022, Fr Doug Harris blessed the grotto with Judy able to be present.  We thank Judy for her generosity in ensuring the Grotto was built.


Judy slipped peacefully into the arms of Our Lady and Her Son, Jesus on the night of 8th April 2022.  She has now completed her earthly work for the Legion, but we are sure that she continues to support us in heaven.


In Judy’s final days she wanted to thank all Legionaries for all their prayers and thoughts, during her many battles with cancer, for their friendship and love over many years and to be reassured that she will be interceding on their behalf in heaven.


The Legion of Mary extends to Judy’s family their deepest sympathy at this time.  We also extend to her Sister Legionaries at Our Lady of All Nations Praesidium, Glendalough our thoughts and prayers.


“So that- the battle of life over – our Legion may reassemble, without the loss of anyone, in the kingdom of Your love and glory.  Amen”

May the souls of Judy and Paul through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.


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Ave Maria,
20 Apr 2022, 17:50